Self booking is temporarily suspended while we manage re-opening. If you have a query about current or future bookings please email me at or complete an enquiry form on the Contact page.

You can use the bookling system below to book your event.

Click on the current date to bring up a calendar, go to the date you wish to book and click on the start time in the column of the room. If you wish to book more than one room just click the + in the other room’s column. Finally click the Book button and fill in the required details

For recurring bookings you can use the Repeat box (eg: every Thursday) to avoid keying in every date. You can use the Exceptions box to enter any dates you want to remove from the series (eg: Holidays).

Please make a note of your login details and password as you will need these to log in and manage your bookings in the future.

Please note: All bookings are provisional until accepted and we reserve the right to refuse bookings without explanation. Due to occasional incidences of anti-social behaviour in the community we may require you to complete a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of problematic behaviour and your preventative measures. A deposit may be required, secured against damage and leaving the premises & surrounding environment clean and tidy.

Click here for our Terms & Conditions of hire